SIA “Gultņi” business is supply and sales of the products essential for industrial manufacturing.
SIA “Gultņi” started its operation in November, 1995, offering to the market the SKF supplied products. Since 1999 SIA “Gultņi” is the authorized distributor of SKF in Latvia in the field of industrial products.
After the first year of its business SIA "Gultņi" expanded the range of supply including in it also belts and chains for industrial drive.
The initial profile of the undertaking has not been changed over the years. The company strives persistently to enlarge the assortment and improve the quality of the offered products. We try to find ways of offering only high quality product to our customers.
In order to reach the objective of supplying high quality products, SIA “Gultņi” business partners are internationally recognized, reputed and experienced companies, stable and trustworthy partners whose production is in demand in the global market.
SIA “Gultņi” business aims include ensuring high service culture by meeting customers’ needs, providing professional consultations, making the most advantageous offer and supply to the customer.