Bando scooter belts Bando scooter belts [02.07.2018 23:21]
We are proud to announce that we are official distributiors of Bando scooter belts in Baltic countries and we will have the full range available. Bando was founded in 1906 and was the first belt manufacturer in Japan. Bando - the world leader of scooter belts is known for their first-class...MORE

Anti-seize lubricants Anti-seize lubricants [06.10.2016 15:58]
Henkel has introduced a compact package for one-hand dispensing of Loctite anti-seize lubricants. The screw-on brush-top applicator is designed for precision and ease of use, providing excellent coverage in extreme industrial environments. The seven-ounce brush-top tube is currently available on four Loctite anti-seize formulations, which are designed to ease assembly...MORE

New online portal from Loctite New online portal from Loctite [30.05.2016 08:25]
Vehicle professionals bond and repair even better   Products offered by Loctite and Teroson are leading in the professional repair, servicing and maintenance of vehicles. Specialized companies in the automotive sector can find valuable tips for their bonding and repair work on the new website   Most parts of a car body...MORE

Scooter & recreational vehicle Scooter & recreational vehicle [27.03.2015 17:45]
Gates Scooter & recreational vehicle belts now are available. MORE

QUAD-POWER III QUAD-POWER III [27.11.2012 15:44]
Because of today’s increasing maintenance and energy costs, industry is becoming more aware of ways to improve efficiency and reduce operating expenses. Eliminating losses in power transmission systems can translate into large savings. Gates leads the way in the development of cost and energy efficient belt drive systems and now...MORE

New Loctite 3038 New Loctite 3038 [15.05.2009 15:44]
New Loctite 3038 structural acrylic adhesive from Henkel Henkel has launched Loctite 3038 - a new two-component structural acrylic adhesive that is designed to join difficult-to-bond substrates to themselves and other materials, including materials with different coefficients of thermal expansion. It provides good adhesion on e-coated steel as well as on low...MORE

New Guinness World Record New Guinness World Record [21.04.2009 10:49]
Henkel’s Loctite breaks World Record Henkel has brought the Guinness World Record TM of the “heaviest vehicle lifted with glue” to a new level. Thanks to the performance of its record-breaking Loctite Superglue Henkel was able to lift a car with an overall weight of more than five tons. 03/26/09 Munich/Düsseldorf. Loctite Superglue...MORE

Loctite® 2620 Loctite® 2620 [26.03.2009 15:28]
Designed for use on threaded assemblies continuously exposed to extreme temperatures, Henkel’s Loctite 2620 anaerobic threadlocking adhesives withstand heat and stress to 537.8°C. High-strength Loctite 2620 requires short-term exposure to temperatures over 300°C to remove the nut and bolt with hand tools. Anaerobic pastes that solidify when confined between close-fitting...MORE

Loctite® 5188 Loctite® 5188 [26.03.2009 14:13]
Loctite® 5188Highly Flexible Anaerobic GasketAdhesives, sealants & surface treatments are Henkel’s core competencies. Loctite® 5188 represents the latest anaerobic gasketing technology with extremely high flexibility. Loctite® 5188 is designed to function in the most demanding applications with superior adhesion and flexibility, even after heat aging. OEMs and subsuppliers have long been...MORE

Loctite® 276 Loctite® 276 [26.03.2009 13:29]
Loctite® 276Fast Fixturing ThreadlockerHigh strength anaerobic adhesive, which cures quickly on active as well as passive metals. Our latest innovation has it all – plus much more. Loctite® 276 is designed for permanent locking and sealing of threads. It is ideal for customers who are looking for increased production output. Loctite®...MORE

SKF Energy Efficient deep groove SKF Energy Efficient deep groove [26.03.2009 10:42]
Every once in a while, a product innovation comes along that holds the potential for huge benefits, when used on a global scale.You already know about the longer lasting, energy efficient compact fluorescent lamp (CFL). Now discover the energy saving potential of new SKF Energy Efficient (E2) bearings. SKF E2...MORE