NEWS: SKF Energy Efficient deep groove

Every once in a while, a product innovation comes along that holds the potential for huge benefits, when used on a global scale.
You already know about the longer lasting, energy efficient compact fluorescent lamp (CFL). Now discover the energy saving potential of new SKF Energy Efficient (E2) bearings. SKF E2 bearings are a family of performance class bearings that have been specially engineered and manufactured to reduce frictional moment by 30% or more beyond the already efficient SKF standard bearings. This means that when compared to other manufacturers’ bearings, the reduction can be even more dramatic.
Like the new generation of light bulbs that are saving energy around the world, SKF Energy Efficient bearings also reduce energy consumption. They exhibit ultra low friction that enable equipment manufacturers to build greater energy efficiency into their equipment, reducing total cost of ownership for end users, and helping to preserve the world’s resources for us all.
With potential application in many millions of machines – electric motors, pumps, conveyors and other low-to-normal load applications – SKF E2 bearings have the potential to make a significant
contribution to global sustainability.
How significant? Here’s just one example: If SKF Energy Efficient deep groove ball bearings were used on every industrial motor in the US and EU, (and assuming a minimum of 30% less friction moment), potential energy savings would equal 2,46 billion kWh/year. And this estimate does not take into account millions of motors and other applicable machines in use elsewhere throughout the world.
But the benefits go beyond energy savings. In most cases, SKF E2 bearings run cooler compared to SKF standard bearings at equivalent loads and speeds. They also reduce lubricant use and potentially extend the life of components and the machine itself. The result is a reduced negative environmental impact.

26.03.2009 10:42