NEWS: Loctite® 5188

Loctite® 5188
Highly Flexible Anaerobic Gasket
Adhesives, sealants & surface treatments are Henkel’s core competencies. Loctite® 5188 represents the latest anaerobic gasketing technology with extremely high flexibility.

Loctite® 5188 is designed to function in the most demanding applications with superior adhesion and flexibility, even after heat aging. OEMs and subsuppliers have long been enjoying the technical and economic benefits of anaerobic gasketing materials and Loctite® 5188 takes this technology to a new level.

Loctite® 5188 can be used for many applications in the automotive and industrial area. Typical applications include metal-metal assemblies of machined flanges such as gearboxes, housings, covers, etc.

26.03.2009 14:13