NEWS: New Loctite 3038

New Loctite 3038 structural acrylic adhesive from Henkel

Henkel has launched Loctite 3038 - a new two-component structural acrylic adhesive that is designed to join difficult-to-bond substrates to themselves and other materials, including materials with different coefficients of thermal expansion.

It provides good adhesion on e-coated steel as well as on low energy plastics like glass-filled PR, PBT and PE.

The new adhesive is available in dual cartridge packs, or in larger containers for high volume use. In both cases a bi-mixer nozzle ensures correct mixing ratios of the product and that application is both simple and quick.

The formulation of solvent-free Loctite 3038 minimises the migration of liquid product after application on vertical surfaces. It can be used for gap filling up to 2mm and provides a bond, which can withstand most chemical and environmental conditions.

Alongside manual application, the adhesive can be used in automated units for high volume production.

15.05.2009 15:44