For over 100 years SKF has and continues to provide the highest quality products in the industry. We accomplished this due to the knowledge SKF people possess and then apply to their everyday work.

As a global knowledge engineering company, SKF technology is at work throughout the world in diverse applications, from energy wind farms, offshore oil rigs, aircraft flight control systems, steel and paper mills, high-speed trains to washing machines and millions of motorcycles, trucks and cars.

As a frequent visitor to our corporate site, you have come across our long-running campaign featuring "The Power of Knowledge Engineering." We now take this effort one step further, by presenting expanded stories about what knowledge engineering can achieve.
The stories are featured in a new window on our homepage and new stories will be added on a regular basis. The first three themes presented are:

Sustainability (in design and operations)
Optimizing design (automotive applications)
Improving productivity (SKF Explorer)
SKF is a truly global company...with a truly unique culture.

Our success throughout our first 100 years has largely been built on people. It is in our people that we find the knowledge that enables us to realize our vision "To equip the world with SKF knowledge".

As SKF employees, we are critical parts of a global company committed to driving knowledge engineering for yet another century - regardless of which field we are in, what position we hold or which country we work in. This commitment also brings a joint responsibility - for our customers, shareholders, colleagues and the communities we live and work in. Because we believe that our reputation is not only defined by the products and solutions we provide, but by the way we act and treat others. That is why we work to deliver on our responsibility - every day, everywhere and by everyone.

To support the organisation in performing our responsibilities, the Group has established its:

Vision & Mission
Code of Conduct
They define the essence of our culture - who we are and what we stand for. They apply to every single employee around the world and supports the unique SKF spirit that binds us together as one SKF team.

Our corporate booklet, The SKF Commitment, outlines and elaborates on all of the above areas. It provides us with an opportunity to remind ourselves where we come from, to imagine what we can become, and to understand what it is that guides the direction of our company.


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